Plot Engine — Graphical Tool

  • Plot Engine II is a stand-alone addition to the OptiLayer Thin Film software. The main goal of Plot Engine II is to support extended charting capabilities of the OptiLayer modules. Using Plot Engine it is possible to save charts as in different formats as well as to open these files later for editing and printing.
  • Plot Engine II also supports the OLE (stands for Object Linking and Embedding) mechanism introduced by Microsoft. This mechanism allows linking and embedding OptiLayer, OptiChar, OptiRE charts into any document created by other applications supporting OLE. It can be,  for example, a MS Word document, a MS Excel spreadsheet, a Corel chart, an Adobe PageMaker file and many others. If necessary it is possible to open an embedded Plot Engine file for editing and to change any of its attributes, for example, axis scales. All changes are immediately reflected in your document.

spectral performance

spectral performance     There exist three main modes of the Plot Engine operation:

  • Plot Engine II can be used inside OptiLayer. In this case Plot Engine II windows are automatically embedded into OptiLayer and for the end-user look just like any other  OptiLayer window.
  • Plot Engine II can be used for the linking and embedding of Plot Engine II files into any other OLE-capable applications. In this case Plot Engine II is invoked as any other OLE server. Standard commands of the Insert->Object… menu of the OLE container should be used for linking and embedding. If an OptiLayer chart file is already embedded or linked into a document,  Plot Engine II also can be activated by the double-clicking of the chart presentation.
  • Plot Engine II can be also used as a stand-alone application for the visualization, editing and printing of previously saved OptiLayer, OptiChar, and OptiRE chart files, the so-called VTC2 files.

Look our video examples

Look our video examples at YouTube

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